15 Bollywood Villains That We Can't Help But Feel Sorry For

Bollywood films have given us some of the most memorable characters through its films and villains are the staple of almost every film. To get a perfect film you need to have an actor, an actress, some songs and dance sequences, a bunch of supporting characters and a menacing villain who keeps everyone on their toes until he is defeated by the good guys.

Films like Sholay and Shaan gave us the powerful villains like Gabbar and Shakal but what is interesting to see that some of the films also explore the backstory of these villains. Often, there are circumstances that lead to a character's transformation into a villain and then there are some villains who are just funny as hell and we can't help but feel sorry for them for their fate in the film. Here's 15 Bollywood villains we felt sorry for:

15 Bollywood Villains That We Felt Sorry For