15 Popular Bollywood Actors And The Number Of Franchises They Are Associated With

A lot of big hits in a year are mostly the part of successful franchises and over the years, we have seen that an increasing number of franchise films are being released every year. A franchise is built once the first part of the series has performed well at the box-office and its characters are liked by the audiences. The actors, directors, and producers, then gain confidence for a second outing which generally sees a hike in the budget. 

Almost every other Bollywood actor is associated with one big franchise and these films tend to earn a lot of money at the box-office as these franchises have a loyal fanbase which keeps on increasing. With every sequel, the cast sees the addition of other actors which also piques the audience's curiosity for that film. A number of actors in Bollywood are now associated with multiple franchises. Here are 15 such actors: