16 Outsiders Who Didn't Have To Struggle For Their Bollywood Debut

Every year, we see a lot of newcomers debuting in films and trying their luck to make it in the industry. The newcomers are a mixed bunch of celebrity kids, models, actors graduating from various institutes and the outsiders. Since the film industry was established, various wannabe actors would flock to Mumbai to make it big on the silver screen and some succeeded while some didn’t. The stories of the struggle faced by these outsiders are inspiring to listen to and it ends up inspiring people from different walks of life. But some of the outsiders do get lucky and don’t have to work that hard to sign their very first film. While it’s not taking away all the hard work they have put on to be in the position where they could sign the film, they just happened to be at the right place at the right time. Here’s a list of 14 celebs who didn’t struggled much to get their first film:

16 Outsiders Who Didn't Had To Struggle For Their Bollywood Debut