14 One Hit Wonder Directors Of Bollywood

Every year, we see a lot of newcomers in the industry, be it actors, singers, writers or directors. A director is the Captain of the Ship and it is his/her vision that eventually makes a film what it is. There are a lot of directors working in Bollywood today and each of them has bought a distinct vision to their film. But, if we look closely, the hit-flop ratio of the number of movies is skewed towards the flop category. There are a large number of flops and a few numbers of hits. Hence, the director’s job becomes even more difficult as the major responsibility of a film’s success lies with him. While there are directors who have given us some great films and some not so great films, there are directors who are working in the industry who are known for a single hit yet, all of their other ventures have tanked at the box office. Here is a list of 15 One Hit wonder directors of Bollywood:

19 One Hit Wonder Directors Of Bollywood