10 Bollywood Actors We Would Rather Love With their Shirts On Than Without It

Salman Khan may have made the women across the country swoon over his chiseled abs everything he went shirtless on the big screen, but not every star and his 6 pack abs can make our eyes pop. So we would rather have them charm us away with their shirts still on and no go gaga over flaunting their gym body unnecessarily. Let's get it, straight guys, that flaunting your masculinity and flexing your muscles to do it do not mean the same thing. And while a fit body can an asset of every actor it doesn't really have to be shirtless and it quite frankly is the most shallow way to appeal any woman.

So here are 10 Bollywood actors we would much rather prefer with their shirts on than seeing them without it.

Bollywood actors who should not go shirtless