12 Bollywood Actresses Who Flopped In A Single Lead Film!

Bollywood has come a long way when it comes to giving women the charge in films. The industry is constantly seeing new actresses who are not satisfied with being just the pretty face in the movies. While there are still a number of films where the women characters are reduced to ornamental roles, more and more films are coming up where the actresses are taking charge.

While so many actresses are now doing single lead films, there are some that have failed to perform greatly at the box -office. While the reason of some can be attributed to the weak script (like Akira), there are some in which the performances are an utter disappointment( like Haseena Parkar). There are some others where the audiences are not motivated enough to watch the film despite a strong performance and riveting storyline (like Anarkali of Aaarah).

Whatever, it may be there are quite a few films where actresses have failed to deliver a hit when they appeared in single lead. Check out this list of actresses who couldn't deliver a hit single lead film:

Bollywood Actresses Who Flopped In A Single Lead Film!