15 Bollywood Celebs Who Need To Go To Acting Classes Instead Of Gym!

Bollywood celebs are sometimes popular for all the wrong reasons. Call it nepotism or our liking for stars who look good, there are many celebs who do not possess acting talents but are A-listers. We love their toned up physique and their fitness but often ignore the fact that their basic skill, i.e. acting, needs a hell lot of improvement. Their gym selfies and workout posts are perfect and we can only wish that their acting was half as good.

Recently in a chat show, Radhika Apte called out Sooraj Pancholi when she was asked about any Bollywood celeb who needs to go to acting classes instead of the gym. While we totally agree with her, we feel that there are many more such celebs. Here is a list of 15 Bollywood stars who should go to acting classes instead of the gym: