19 Bollywood Stars Who Have Vanished Despite Winning The Best Debut Award!

Bollywood is a strange place. There are so many people in the nation, and even outside, who dreams to become a part of the largest film industry in the world. Yet, it is not getting an entry into Bollywood that matters the most. The greatest difficulty seems to be surviving in the industry.

There have been so many talented actors who can not be seen in films anymore, or who are restricted to doing only small roles in various films.Then, there are many actresses who had left the industry post their marriage, despite having offers. So many people had looked promising in their first film but have faded into oblivion with time. Here's a list of 19 Bollywood stars who have vanished from the industry despite winning the Best Debut awards:

19 Bollywood Stars Who Had Won Awards For Their Debut But Have Now Vanished!