15 Highest Grossing Superhero Films Ever In Hollywood!

The superhero films were given a breath of fresh air with the release of X-Men (2000) and SpiderMan (2002). Both of these were widely successful and helped the audiences to forget the terrible Superhero films of the 90s. It started a new era for these films and there has been no looking back ever since. Almost every major production house now has a powerhouse franchise based on one or the other superhero and the yearly roster is majorly ruled by Marvel or DC Comics. This also means that fans are always in for a treat as they get to see their favorite characters on screen, using their powers, battling CGI villains and other visual delights. It is a given that these films set the box office on fire and are on the list of highest ever grossing films. Here's a list of 15 highest grossing superhero films:

Highest Ever Grossing Superhero Films