In Pictures: The Love Story Of Sanjay Dutt And Manyata Dutt Will Reinstate Your Faith In Love!

Sanjay Dutt has, for the longest time, been a complete Casanova. His affairs, both within and outside the industry, have never failed to grab attention. Right from his torrid affair with Tina Munim to Madhuri Dixit to Lisa Ray and a junior artist called Nadia Durrani to two broken marriages, Sanjay Dutt had not been too lucky in love.

But that was until Dilnawaz Shaikh had made her entry into his life! She took charge of his food habits and then, like the old saying goes, made her way to his heart. In Dilnawaz, who’s better known as Manyata, he not just found his wife, but he found stability, love and is much in peace now after all the events that rocked his life. The two even have twins and Sanjay Dutt now has a happy family.

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