If Bollywood Characters Had Insurance In These Epic Scenes

The characters in Bollywood films can often be rather careless and funnily accident prone. Some of them miss their trains, some lose their entire luggage, and some really intelligent ones even lose their engagment rings! Thanks to Rohit Shetty movies, cars fly in the air and actors perform logic-defying stunts. This only proves that Bollywood characters are potential customers for insurance agents.

We’ve listed down a few epic scenes where the stories would have changed completely, had the characters only thought about getting insurance.

Tara in Tamasha

Tara (played by Deepika Padukone) loses a bag that should not be lost. It had her passport, identity cards, and important papers. Tara struggles to ask a restaurant owner to let her make one phone call for free, but he outright rejects her plea. She then bumps into Ranbir Kapoor and seeing her teary-eyed, he offers his mobile phone to her so that she can make a call. She could have done with simple travel insurance and it would have been a hell lot easier because she could have contacted her insurance company and sought some money for the time being. 

Rani in Queen

Kangana fights with a goon who wants to steal away her bag in the shady streets of Paris. She manages to snatch it away from him. But, she could have saved a whole lot of energy by simply opting for travel insurance before taking off on her trip

Bajirao Singham in and as Singham

Ajay Devgn does a remarkable stunt in Rohit Shetty’s quintessential way by turning around his car, stepping out, and shooting in the air while he has one foot in the car that is running on its own. Honestly, Rohit Shetty needs car insurance more than anyone in the world. 

Kaali in Dilwale

SRK’s spellbinding stunt in Dilwale when his car turns upside down is unforgettable! This epic scene comes up just as SRK realizes that Kajol’s character had cheated on him. Although these stunts are performed under strict expert supervision, car insurance is a must for Rohit Shetty movies. 


When Raj and Simran miss the train to Zurich and she forgets her passport in the luggage, they get stranded somewhere in the middle of Europe. The worst happens when their car backfires and stops in the middle of nowhere. Travel insurance for Simran would have been a great idea and instead of getting stuck with Raj, she could have bought an air ticket. PS: There’d be no love story left though! 

If Bollywood Characters Had Insurance In These Epic Scenes

Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai

Hrithik and Ameesha accidentally sleep off on a lifeboat attached to the cruise and it gets detached from the main ship. They get stranded on an island which makes us wonder that some travel insurance would have helped them sue the shipping company. 

If Bollywood Characters Had Insurance In These Epic Scenes

Jab Harry Met Sejal

Sejal should have insured her ring and belongings on her trip to Europe. Just in case she actually ended up losing the ring (which – spoiler alert – she found in her bag at the end), she could have used the insurance to take care of it. But then, Harry would have never met Sejal again! 

If Bollywood Characters Had Insurance In These Epic Scenes

Zindagi Naa Milegi Dobara

Remember Bagwati? If you’re really that posh to buy a super expensive bag and take it on a road trip abroad, then you better get travel insurance too! This movie is a classic example of a dream road-trip with your buddies. Travel insurance will always help.

If Bollywood Characters Had Insurance In These Epic Scenes

Come to think about it, if these Bollywood characters had insurance, it would have altered their fates and the climax of their movies, too. However, for the rest of us mere mortals, insurance can be the best way to stay protected against all the roadblocks life might throw our way. 

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