WATCH: Vibhuti FINALLY Says 'I Love You' To Angoori Bhabi Because He's Dying!

The moment of truth is finally here! Vibhuti Narayan has finally told Angoori Bhabi that he LOVES her! So according to the latest track, Vibhuti has been sentenced to death via hanging and he doesn’t want to die without telling her beloved Bhabi Ji that he loves her to death! Vibhuti does this, but in a full court room drama style where his wife Anita doesn’t quite react the way she should but she is shocked! She's not overdramatic.

Angoori Bhabi bursts out saying Haye Daiyya and Tiwari Ji cries with his fingers tucked inside his mouth. A rather bald Happu Singh is also shocked to hear this and then, Vibhuti throws into a dance with Angoori on the song Dil Jigar, nazar kya hai main to tere liye jaan bhi de doon!

Watch this historic moment here!