Bigg Boss 11: Priyank Sharma's Girlfriend Divya Aggarwal Dumps Him After He Kisses Benafsha Soonawala!

After spending weeks contemplating what Priyank Sharma really wants, his girlfriend Divya Aggarwal has finally decided to dump him. She says she has had enough of his behaviour, and is calling it quits with the Bigg Boss 11 contestant.

In an interview to International Business Times, Divya said Priyank’s ‘clarification’ in a clip shared on Voot about who his real girlfriend is, wasn’t enough for her. She said the clip was vague and not at all establishes that he thinks of her as his girlfriend. “When I saw the clip ‘Priyank and his girlfriends’ on Voot, the title itself gave me jitters. Reading that ‘Priyank has so many girlfriends’ made me feel awkward, I felt ‘ya right, I am one of them, great!’,” she said.

On Thursday’s episode, Benafsha Soonawala and Priyanka were seen holding hands on the couch and snuggling together. At one point, Benafsha even asks him about what is going on between them and if this is what his relationship with his other female friends also looks like. He says it doesn’t but he holds her hands or kisses her only to make sure they stay together in the house. Benafsha asks him if kissing and cuddling are really the only way to stay together in the house. Priyank tells her that he knows Divya will not have a problem with his behaviour while Benafsha’s boyfriend might.

Later at night, the two are spotted in garden area after lights out, talking about what their girlfriend and boyfriend outside the house will think about their chemistry. While Benafsha concludes that they’ll see it as a friendship, Priyank says he isn’t sure if it is only a friendship.

Divya addresses this in her interview and says she feels like she is being taken for granted. “Firstly, why did Benafsha say ‘Forget about it, it will be bad for both of us’. In the previous episode, Hina clearly said that Priyank’s ‘jaan’ is in USA and now suddenly Priyank and Benafsha are attracted to each other. Secondly, Priyank said ‘I won’t have any problems outside but Benaf will.’ - I mean, Wow! Is he taking me for granted? He won’t have problems seriously?,” she said. “When Benafsha asked Priyank whether he has been close to any of his other female friends like the way he is with Benaf, he said ‘No’. I am shocked. So, what was he doing with me? Yes, we never stayed together under one roof but the way he wakes up Benaf, looks for her in the morning, treats her, kisses her etc etc -- Priyank did the exact same things with me in Splitsvilla,” she said.

Kiki... I'm fortunate enough that u love me.. those days of Splitsvilla are like a fairy tales... today when I watch our episodes I realise how badly we cried... obviously not good for a Tv show... my parents cried too.. not about going out of the show... it was about us... being together... those tears can't be fake.. I don't know about today... but that day.. I saw love in your eyes .. mat jaa yaar.. we both are meant to be together.. I miss u Priyank.. it's wrong to express like this.. but I couldn't help myself... jaise bhi ho... mere ho... I love you... win in life.. no matter what show... I stick by your side... until u ask me to go... it's no more about the show... my parents today asked me.. did u really felt so deep... they saw us crying like this... I don't know what to say...

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Divya also compared Priyank to Hiten, who is married and doesn’t get intimate with anyone to win the show. “There are so many people in the house who are either married or have partners outside and yet have managed to maintain a certain dignity. Hiten, for example, maintains his line with girls,” she said. “I crave to listen my name or something about me from his mouth. My parents are watching this show everyday and when I tried defending (Priyank), they gave me an example of Vikas Gupta and Hiten - how are they behaving with girls, nobody’s being touchy or cosy,” she added.

“This reminds me of the clip I saw on Voot where Priyank was sitting bare bodied and Benaf was running her fingers on him. Who does that? I wouldn’t do that to my friend? A couple does such things, come on! Priyank is a nice guy and a lovely person to be with but I cannot adjust with such a person anymore. I cannot see myself getting hurt anymore. After today’s episode, I am fed up. I am a little orthodox but this is not fair. I feel cheated and I would like to end this right now,” she said.