Bigg Boss 11, Nov 9: What's Brewing Between Benafsha And Priyank?

Bigg Boss 11 opened with yet another romance budding inside the house on Thursday’s episode. It was Benafsha Soonawalla and Priyank Sharma who seemed to be on the cusp of the romance – but was it for real or it had something to do with getting more eyeballs?

The two were seen sitting very close to each other and discussing their friendship. They wondered how the housemates and their significant others outside the Bigg Boss house will react if they become ‘more than friends’.

Meanwhile, the other Bigg Boss 11 couple – Puneesh and Bandgi – is causing quite a lot of commentary. They have begun sharing the same bed and Arshi Khan called them husband and wife.

Arshi was also seen complaining to Vikas Gupta that Luv Tyagi has looked at her inappropriately and was staring at her breasts. Vikas advised her to stand up for herself and confront Luv. She did so but Luv said he had no interest in her and walked away.

A shouting match that began between Benafsha, Mehjabi Siddiqui, Sapna Choudhary, Sabyasachi Satpathy, Hina Khan, Luv and Priyank over Akash Dadlani soon becomes a spirited fight between Hina and Mehjabeen. The commoner contestant claimed Hina said during the task that those who had come into the show for free don’t care about the prize money. Hina said she cannot stoop to Mehjabeen’s level who then comments on TV actor’s “high class”.

Hina was later seen crying in front of the camera and telling Priyank and Luv that she cannot take it anymore and they should all stop talking to her.

Bigg Boss pointed out again that the housemates have broken the rules. Benafsha was nominated by Bigg Boss for eviction next week and was also sent to kaal kothri for pulling Akash’s hair. Bigg Boss asked the housemates to decide who else would go to the prison. They were asked to choose two contestants due to whom they lost out on the luxury budget task.

As contestants discussed this, Priyank went to console Benafsha who wanted a ‘sane person’ to be nominated for kaal kothri with her. Priyank, Hina, Shilpa, Puneesh and Vikas were among the names being hotly discussed. Luv and Akash shared a tense moment as practically everyone participated in a shouting match. They failed to reach a consensus.

Bigg Boss, then, asked Puneesh to name the contestants but as there was no decision, Bigg Boss allowed Akash, Bandgi and Sabyasachi to decide on the names. On Akash’s insistence, they decided to send Hiten and Hina.

Arshi targeted her taunts Hina as she entered the kaal kothri.

Luv made fun of Vikas vis a vis Shilpa and he got angry. Vikas told Arshi to make Luv’s life miserable. She did it with a lot of panache. In fact, she again referred to him allegedly looking inappropriately at her earlier in the day to the chants of ‘darr gaya, darr gaya’.