10 Bollywood Remixes of Hit Old Songs

Remixes songs have always divided the listeners into two categories, one who absolutely hate it and others who absolutely love it. This is nothing new, the songs that were written in the eras of 40s, 50s till 90s are timeless classics. The thought-provoking lyrics with such deep meaning, everyone fell in love with one song or the other as we have seen the nostalgia our parents and grandparents experience when they listen to the songs sung by legendary Lata Mangeshkar, Kishore Kumar and Mohammad Rafi etc. The older generation always seems apprehensive about their favorite song being modernized for the new generation listeners. But the makers of any film have this idea that the song that did very well once, it will work wonders again if they get the right talent be it in terms of music, lyrics or voice. We have seen the new versions of old songs beautifully done and sometimes even surpassing the original. But that’s something that happens only once in a while. Here’s a list of 10 Bollywood Songs that were remixed into new versions and are almost as good or even better:

Keh Doon Tumhe- Dj Aqeel's remix is still one of the best Bollywood remixes.

Chod Do Anchal- This remix was sung by Abhijeet and Sneha Pant. The original song was in Dev Anand starrer Paying Guest.

Woh Chali Woh Chali- This remix from Bombay Vikings was a chartbuster and took inspiration from the original song in film Padosan.

Kahin Karta Hoga Woh Mera Intezaar- This song gained huge popularity among the youngsters and was sung by Anamika. 

Tamma Tamma Again- The song again became a rage just like the original.

Samjhawan- The Arijit Singh song is still a rage and was highly appreciated.

Gulabi Aankhen- This interpretation of the song in the film Noor was a big hit.

Hungama Ho Gaya- The tipsy song did very well in its new incarnation in the film Queen.

Dil Kya Kare- The song was a huge hit and featured in Kabil.

Har Kisi Ko- The blockbuster song from Janbaz did very well and was featured in film Boss.