5 Scenes From Bollywood Films That Made Us Fall In Love With Cinema All Over Again

    5 Scenes From Bollywood Films That Made Us Fall In Love With Cinema All Over Again

    5 Scenes From Bollywood Films That Made Us Fall In Love

    5 Scenes From Bollywood Films That Made Us Fall In Love With Cinema All Over Again

    There is no doubt about the fact that 2018 has been a great year for Hindi cinema. Not only the cash registers at box-offices have sung but 2018 truly proved that keeping stars and budgets aside, it is only good content that is going to survive in years to come.

    While many films this year has provided us with a gamut of emotions, experiences and above all entertainment, some films have given us much more than we ever bargained for. Discussion about our favorite films of the year will surely take place soon, but before that here are a few moments in certain films that made us fall in love with the art of cinema all over again. Here are the ones we are talking about.

    Sanju Drunk Scene

    Even though Sanju was a Ranbir Kapoor show and rightly so, perhaps the scene from the film that stayed with most long after it was over did not have Ranbir in it. We are talking about the scene where a drunk Kamli comes to Dutt Sahab to talk about Sanju. The pain and helplessness of knowing your friend’s life is spiraling far out of control made the scene emotionally explosive. When Kamli in his intoxicated state tell Dutt sahib that his son might pass away before his wife, the human connection was portrayed at it best.

    Padmaavat Chess Scene

    There were simply so many scenes that had amazing dramatic charm in the film. Right from the fight scenes to of course the final Jauhar scene, Padmaavat was replete with amazing scenes. However, the one that had Bhansali’s cinematic brilliance written on it was the scene where Khilji and Rawal Ratan Singh sits down to play chess when Khilji visits his palace. The growing discomfort and tension in the scene could literally be felt in the edge of everyone’s spine.

    Badhaai Ho Pregnancy Reveal Scene

    The film that broke all the norms and quite a few box-office records was this brilliantly written and executed film. Even though they managed to evoke laughs at almost every other scene the theatre roared with laughter in the scene when the elderly couple announced their pregnancy to their grown-up sons. Apart from the hilarious reaction and the crushing awkwardness of the situation, the scene can be remembered for the performance of the star cast that was able to hammer this extremely unusual and tricky situation with utmost brilliance.

    AndhaDhun Piano Scene

    Sriram Raghavan took thrill and layered storytelling to a whole different level altogether with AndhaDhun. While all the scenes in the film are able to keep you on the edge of your seat, there is one which is beyond adjectives. The scene where Tabu is trying to deal with the body of her husband after murdering him while Ayushmann as the blind piano player goes on playing his piece is filmmaking at its utmost glory. The palpable tension blends with dark humor so seamlessly that it makes you fall in love with film and filmmaking all over again.

    Raazi Sehmat Pointing Gun Scene

    This was another film which was replete with emotional scenes that could move the coldest of hearts. Close to climax, when Sehmat points the gun at her loving husband Iqbal, you can literally see her struggle to give her love for her country precedence over her love for this man whom she came to love under most extraordinary circumstances. Apart from Meghna Gulzar’s top-notch execution, the scene is a testament to Alia’s magnificent brilliance as an actor.