5 Times Real Life Events Helped In The Publicity Of Bollywood Films

    5 Times Real Life Events Helped In The Publicity Of Bollywood Films

    5 Times Real Life Events Helped In The Publicity Of Bollywood Films

    Bollywoood mimicks life or life mimicks Bollywood? It is a question that has bothered us for long. To be honest, we don’t know the answer either but we do know in some cases the real life surely helped in the publicity of Bollywood films.

    Whether it a wedding just when a film about weddings is to be released or the real-life controversial affairs being brought on screen, here are 5 instances where real life events contributed to the publicity of Bollywood films. Take a look!

    Veere Di Wedding

    Whether it’s a happy coincidence or a perfectly timed and thought out strategy, but o one can disagree that Sonam’s big fat wedding and the release date of her film Veere Di Wedding, which about weddings, of course, being so close to each other is surely going to help in the publicity of the film.

    Jab We Met

    When Kareena Kapoor started dating Shahid Kapoor, Bollywood found its favorite couple in them. From the very beginning of their relationships, they were open about it and spoke freely about their love for each other. Thus, when the rumor of their break up started doing rounds, the Bollywood fans were shocked. Although their breakup broke up many hearts, their film Jab We Met got the full advantage of the situation as this was the film during which the break up happened while the shooting of this film and the film was also about relationships, breaks up and heartbreaks.

    Jab Tak Hai Jaan

    This was probably one of the most unfortunate events of all in the history of Bollywood. The king of romance, director Yash Chopra passed away after the completion of the film but before it could be released. An eternal love story that suited the Yash Chopra brand of romance, a part of Jab Tak Hai Jaan’s success can be attributed to the fact that it happened to be the last film directed by Yash Chopra.


    It was one risky venture for sure! The film was released when the rumors of Rekha-Amitabh link up was its height. The film almost replicated the real-life love triangle between Rekha, Amitabh and Jaya on screen and the film majorly benefitted from the controversy.


    Apart from the masterpiece of a film that it was, the fact that it was a film made by Mahesh Bhatt that closely resembled Parveen Babi’s life, with whom Mahesh Bhatt had a stormy affair was any way creating a buzz. But the fact that it coincided with Parveen Babi leaving Bollywood and going to the US seek inner peace in an ashram also majorly contributed to the success of the film.