Dear Ranveer Singh, Please Buy A Showcase & Prepare An Award Winning Speech

We’ve all watched the magnificent trailer of Padmavati, and that peculiar image of the ferocious Alauddin Khilji is refusing to leave our mind even in our dreams. Ranveer, you’re a blessing for Indian Cinema and it wouldn’t be an exaggeration if we’d say that you are the real game changer of Bollywood in this decade who perhaps is not completely aware of the gift that he has. 

Dear Ranveer Singh, Please Buy A Showcase & Prepare An Award Winning Speech

You have a priceless gift as an artist in you, which is to become the character that you play. You speak with your eyes, and as much as you appreciate the love and affection that you’ve been receiving for the past many years, you have no idea how you’ve revived the enthusiasm in people to watch movies at the theatres in the time of digital video streaming. 

You’ve established the fact that being yourself is the best practice in life, and being unapologetic for who you are, makes you a happier and a better performer. You didn’t utter a word in the entire trailer of Padmavati, yet yours is the best performance in the little glimpse we’ve got into SLB’s dream project. The way you mercilessly hog on that piece of meat, the way you smell the fragrance of that lily in your hand as your helpers carry you on a throne, the fire in your eyes, and the arrogance in your demeanour, everything left us in goosebumps and in complete awe of your magnanimous potential as an actor. 

As much as we’d love to see you do countless movies, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Khilji is going to make you the number one ‘actor’ and ‘star’ in Bollywood who’s unbeatable and we don’t need any more proof to judge your calibre and potential. 

So, here’s a small and genuine advice for you! Please go and make space for a huge showcase rack in your house because you’re soon going to need a LOT of space to keep all your awards for Padmavati. We know you’re brilliant at articulation, but it would be great if you write an award winning speech before the release, because you’ll be busy answering congratulatory messages very soon. We love you even though you’re the dark character in the movie and that fact says all about the magic of Ranveer Singh. Bin bole, mann moh le! :) 

Thank you for coming to the movies and no thank you for ruining expectations of romance for this generation.