Bihar Cops Claim Non-Cooperation By Mumbai Police, ‘We Gave Them An Open Challenge To Trace Us’


    Bihar Cops Claim Non-Cooperation By Mumbai Police, ‘We Gave Them An Open Challenge To Trace Us’

    Bihar Cops Used Jugaad To Collect Evidences

    Bihar Cops Claim Non-Cooperation By Mumbai Police, ‘We Gave Them An Open Challenge To Trace Us’

    After the FIR had been filed against Rhea and five others, four Bihar police officials flew down to Mumbai for further investigation in the case. In Mumbai, the Bihar cops faced incoordination and the Mumbai police were not extending any helping hand to them in their probe and therefore, they had to resort to other ways to make sure they got all the information they needed before they left the city.  

    According to a Mid-Day report, they questioned several people in Bollywood disguised as astrologers and managed to evade the prying eyes of the city cops who were on their tail all the time. On Thursday, when they left the city, they had all the evidence needed in the case. Investigating officer Qaiser Yasin who was heading the Bihar police team in the probe said, they had use ‘jugaad’ to complete their inquiry in Mumbai. "After reaching Mumbai on  28th July, we realized that the local police won't help us in the investigation. So, we dressed up as astrologers and entered the world of Bollywood, and spoke to several people in the industry in connection with Rajput's death," Yasin told Mid-Day.

    Yasin has been further quoted as saying, "Around 36 hours prior to our arrival in the city, we asked our informers to tail Chakraborty and they used to give us regular information about her. When we approached the Bandra police, they refused to give the recorded statements. We then decided to use jugaad that comes in handy in Bihar all the time. We got costumes and became astrologers and met several people and recorded their statements." 

    He further revealed that the Mumbai cops were tracing their numbers to be aware of their whereabouts which is why with the help of their Bihar colleagues they had to change the settings and divert the phone locations elsewhere, “We gave them an open challenge to trace, catch and quarantine us, but they failed. Many Mumbai police officers were also after us, but even they couldn't find us,” Yasin told the publication.

    The Bihar police also told Mid-Day that Rhea Chakraborty had left her house after she came to know they would be coming down to Mumbai for the investigation and that she was hiding under the Bandra police’s jurisdiction in her Bandra flat.

    Bihar DGP, Gupteshwar Pandey also told the publication that his cops were forced to devise other methods to complete the probe due to non-cooperation from the Mumbai police, "Mumbai police didn't help us, but our officers managed to get all the information. We can't disclose what we have collected. If Mumbai police had helped us, our officers wouldn't have to use other ways to investigate,” he said.

    The Patna city superintendent Vinay Tiwari left Mumbai immediately after he was released from quarantine. He told Mid-Day that the case has been transferred to the CBI and that his team did their best and managed to collect all the information which they would be sharing with the CBI.

    Updated: August 08, 2020 08:50 AM IST