Exclusive: Neena Gupta Reveals Why She Was 'Angry And Frustrated' When She Asked For Work On Social Media!

    Neena Gupta Was Angry And Frustrated!

    Exclusive: Neena Gupta Reveals  Why She Was 'Angry And Frustrated' When She Asked For Work On Social Media!

    Neena Gupta has proved time and again that she is an actress par excellence. She had been in the industry for years now and has seen many ups and downs. She had received the National Award for the portrayal of an middle aged pregnant lady who’s already the mother of a tweenager and a teenager in Badhaai Ho and proved once again that she can just do anything. She has recently been associated with Amazon’s new project, audible soon and was busy promoting it.

    Well, we had a chance of interacting with her at the promotional event and she was as candid as it could be. When we asked her about her social media post asking for work that proved how grounded she was despite all the success, she opened her heart out and revealed that it was anger and frustration that made her do so.

    Talking to us, Neena Gupta said that there was an image about her that post marriage, she was settled in Delhi and has left Mumbai and the industry. She revealed that people would often ask her, not directly, about when has she returned from Delhi. But once when she went to meet Zoya Akhtar for Made In Heaven, her assistant happened to ask Neena Gupta directly, “Arey when haave you returned from Delhi?” That was the breaking point and the actress, who then has 11k followers on Instagram, decided to just post the picture and ask for work. She thought that she was not getting offers because people thought she was not interested, and this post was a way to vent it out! She said,

    “It was anger and frustration because the media had made an image about me. They speculated, I live in Delhi and after my marriage I don’t work, so wherever I used to go people used to indirectly ask me, when are you going to come back to Bombay? I was living in Bombay all throughout. One day I was visiting Zoya (Akhtar) at her house for Made In Heaven and her assistant met me outside, that’s when she asked me, ‘when did you come back to Bombay?’ that just killed it for me. At that point in time, I never had so many followers on Instagram. At that point in time, I just had a total of 11000 followers and today it has increased to 3 lakh 20 thousand followers. I got very angry! It was too frustrating! I never got work because people think I am not interested, so I made the post. After I tapped on the ‘Post’ button, I was petrified, because I thought my daughter Masaba will kill me for doing it. Later on, she was appreciative about it and I became emotional and it drove me to tears!"

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