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25 Years Of Main Khiladi Tu Anari: When Shah Rukh Khan Was Not Comfortable Sharing The Screen With Akshay Kumar

Why Shah Rukh Khan Didn't Do Main Khiladi Tu Khiladi

Main Khiladi Tu Anari starring Akshay Kumar and Saif Ali Khan is one of those quintessential movies from 90s Bollywood that cemented our love for Akshay and Saif.  The songs, especially the title trac

September 23, 2019 12:35 IST

Do You Know Which Film Of Ayushmann Khurrana Earned Almost 700% Profit?

Which Film Of Ayushmann Khurrana Earned Almost 700% Profit?

Ayushmann Khurrana in Bollywood is currently the man with a Midas touch. Whatever he is touching is literally turning out to be gold. While he has been consistently loved as a performer, from last yea

September 15, 2019 06:03 IST

Did You Know Amitabh Bachchan and Rishi Kapoor’s Naseeb Had This Bollywood Director As A Child Actor?

Can You Recognize This Child Actor In Naseeb?

One of the best things about being a Bollywood fan are the trivia from the older, iconic films that give not only makes us see a celeb in a new light altogether but also stokes the emotion and nostalg

September 13, 2019 05:14 IST

Trivia Of The Day: Did You Know Asha Bhonsle's Colleagues Swear By These Dishes Made By Her

Special Dishes That Asha Bhonsle Cooks The Best

If you count your top 10 old Hindi film songs, there is a good chance that at least 6 of them would be by Asha Bhonsle. From being the first Indian to be nominated for the Grammys to being one of the

September 08, 2019 02:33 IST

Trivia Of The Day: Did You Know About Rishi Kapoor’s Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge Connection?

Rishi Kapoor's DDLJ Connection

When it comes to romantic films in Bollywood, ask any generation, Rishi Kapoor would be one of the first actors that will come to their minds. In a career spanning over 4 decades, Rishi Kapoor has set

September 04, 2019 12:13 IST

The Baby In The First Scene Of Baahubali: The Beginning Was Born To Play The Role, Quite Literally

The Baby In Baahubali Was Born For It

Baahubali: The Beginning has been an epic in every sense of the term. The biggest motion picture of the country, the film is almost a modern fable that would be mentioned in every discussion about lan

July 10, 2019 02:22 IST

WHAT! Don’s Iconic Song ‘Khaike Paan Benaraswala’ Was Added To Give People A Loo Break?

Loo Break Is the Reason Why We Got Khaike Paan Benaraswala

Be it a wedding, visarjan or a party with Bollywood enthusiasts, nothing makes people go crazy like ‘Khaike Paan Banaras Wala’ on the dance floor.Not that the 1978 film Don was any less iconic, but th

May 12, 2019 06:51 IST

Alia Bhatt's Hook Up Song From SOTY 2 Has A Ranbir Kapoor Connection

Alia Bhatt's Hook Up Song Has A Ranbir Kapoor Connection

With Student Of The Year 2 just weeks away from its release, Alia Bhatt and Tiger Shroff have come together for the Hook Up Song. Alia -- who made her Bollywood debut with Student Of The Year in 2012

April 30, 2019 04:40 IST

Main Hoon Na: Aishwarya Rai To Hrithik Roshan, Actors Who Were The Original Choice For The SRK Film

Can You Imagine Main Hoon Na With These Original Cast Choices?

Main Hoon Na, might not be Shah Rukh Khan’s biggest hit or his best performance, but there is something about the film that there are hardly people who do not recall the film with fondness. Farah Khan

April 30, 2019 05:49 IST

5 Revelations That Karan Johar And Kajol Made On Thee Kapil Sharma Show!

The Best Of Karan-Kajol Episode of The Kapil Sharma Show

The Kapil Sharma show has returned back to its top position and this time, the comedian can also boast of some of the best guests ever. Kapil Sharma is definitely going bigger and better in this seaso

April 28, 2019 01:59 IST