Bigg Boss 11 Dec 24: Between Priyank And Luv, Guess Who Won In The Sultani Akhada?

    Bigg Boss 11 Dec 24: Between Priyank And Luv, Guess Who Won In The Sultani Akhada?

    Bigg Boss 11 Dec 24: Between Priyank And Luv, Guess Who Won In The Sultani Akhada?

    After Saturday’s episode that was full of surprises and shocking developments, Sunday’s Bigg Boss 11 Weekend Ka Waar was a pleasant experience. It looked as if there was a conscious effort to lighten up the scene.

    Here are the highlights:

    Blow the balloon

    Salman Khan began the episode with his customary salutations to all and wished every one on Christmas. After a quick look at what happened inside the house after Arshi Khan ’s exit, it was time to interact with the contestants.

    Salman introduced a new game – blowing balloons with the help of the seats from film 3 Idiots. The twist, however, was that the seats were to be used as pumps and the act of pumping air into the balloons was to be done with one’s buttocks!

    It was quite a spectacle – with Priyank, Luv and Akash on the seats while Vikas, Hina and Shilpa helped with the balloons.

    In the end, Luv and Akash had the maximum number of inflated balloons but since Luv’s balloons were inflated better, he won.

    Mika’s musical entry

    Soon, Salman took a break from the inmates and introduced the special guest – singer Mika Singh. The entry was spectacular with both performing to Salman’s hit songs sung by Mika such as Aaj Ki Party (Bajrangi Bhaijaan) and Jumme ki Raat (Kick 2).

    Continuing the revelry, Salman asked Mika to guess a song with the help of emoticons – the latter, of course, got them right. Both were Salman’s songs – Jag Ghoomeya ( Sultan ) and Oonchi Hai Building (Judwa 2). Mika even imitated Anu Malik who sang the latter in the original.

    It was time to introduce Mika’s new single, Ali, to the audience.

    Soon, Salman informed Mika that he was to enter the house as Santa Claus. Dressed in red, Mika, entered the house, much to the excitement of the inmates. He gave gifts to all – Hina got a packet of almonds to improve her memory while Akash got a pacifier!

    Soon, it is time to play a game here too – Dedicate a song to a Contestant. Mika would sing a line or two of a song and would invite one inmate to come up and dedicate the song to one of the contestants, who fitted the bill.

    Here are some interesting mentions – for the song ‘Main Khiladi Tu Anari. Mika’, Shilpa picked Puneesh and Akash while for the song ‘Gandi Baat’ Hina picked Akash.

    Salman interacts with team, plays ‘Guess Who Said It’

    After Mika’s exit, it was Salman’s turn to chat with the contestants. He played a game, wherein he would repeat what one/more inmate had said about a contestant and the said contestant would then have to guess the person(s). He/she would get to spray foam in their faces.

    This too was rather funny. Hina was asked to guess who said about her: pohonchi hui cheez hai. Without any hesitation, she sprayed on Vikas’ face.

    It was again Vikas’ turn to have foam in his face when Salman asked Shilpa to guess who said that she often played the victim card.

    Sultani Akhada (dosti ke naam)

    Next up was the Sultani Akhada with a ‘dosti ke naam’ twist. It was fought between Priyank and Luv, who seem to have fallen apart. Round 1 – where a participant had to state why he/she was better – was won by Luv.

    However, fortunes turned in the second and third rounds which were wrestling bouts. Priyank won them easily.

    Overall, tonight’s episode was good fun.

    Stay tuned for more.