WATCH: When These 3 Popular TV Stars Auditioned For The Same Role In Bollywood!

We have seen so many Bollywood celebs make an entry and work in TV shows. While that happens once in a while and those in the lead seldom make this transition, the vice-versa is rather common. So many great TV celebs have made their way into Bollywood. While some have made it big in Bollywood and never come back to TV like Sushant Singh Rajput, there are many others who are still working in the TV industry and managing Bollywood alike.

Have you ever felt curious as to how they might have auditioned for a role? Well, we have found some clips where 3 very popular TV actors had auditioned for the same role. Apparently, the tree actors were auditioning for the lead in Aashiqui 2. While we know that none of them actually made it because the film became a huge turning point in Aditya Roy Kapoor and Sharaddha Kapoor's career, we can say that these actors too had done a fab job. It must have been a tough call for the casting director. 

Well, can you guess who these three people were? Check the clips and you'll know:

1. Karan Wahi

We had seen Karan Wahi in Remix and Dill Mill Gayye and we couldn't help but fall for him. He auditioned for the role, and he was actually great. While he was brilliant in the romantic part, we think he could have been better in the emotional sequence.

2. Gautam Gulati

Much like his image, he did only the part of angry emotional outburst. And he was absolutely brilliant. At one point, you can also see tears welling up in his eyes. He should definitely try more!

3. Amit Tandon

The singer turned actor also auditioned for the role, but he did a completely different part than the other two. He enacted a sequence where he had to confront his girlfriend and ask her about why she is leaving him. He was good in acting, but the part we loved most was when he sang 'Saanson Ki Zaroorat Hai jaise'.