11 Bollywood Dance Routines That Are So Brilliant But Impossible To Be Re-Created By Mere Mortals

    11 Bollywood Dance Routines That Are So Brilliant But Impossible To Be Re-Created By Mere Mortals


    Romance and music might be the soul of most Bollywood movies, but it is probably the art of dance that puts life into Bollywood. Over the years Bollywood has given us many memorable dance numbers. While some gave us dancing goals, some gave us our favorite hooksteps and some gave us the idea of a whole new dance form named Bollywood freestyle, there are some that just made us gawk in disbelief.

    From Kathak, to Bharathnatyam or Lock and Pop and B-boying, these Bollywood dance numbers are some of the most well choreographed and executed dance numbers. While well would love to emulate these pieces of dancing brilliance, we know we would only end up with broken limbs and twisted muscles if we try, so instead we just like to enjot these numbers and marvel at the gifted dancers and choreographers of Bollywood who made these possible

    Dance of Envy

    Choreographed by Shiamak Davar and performed by the supremely talented Madhuri Dixit and Karishma Kapoor, the dance is expertly executed. The intense music coupled with the raging emotions of Karishma in the scene makes it one of the most memorable dance number in Bollywood. Her passion for dance mingled with the pain of unrequited love and envy makes this number so powerful that no scene in the film conveys Karishma’s side of the story more convincingly.

    Gaandi Baat

    What was supposed to be a mere desi dance number became a dance extravaganza that awes us every single time we see it. Prabhudeva’s unconventional choreography and Shahid Kapoor’s flawless execution makes this song as sight to behold. If the choreography was not awe-inspiring enough the fact that Shahid performs an extremely complicated step of jumping, twirling in the air and landing on his knees with a severely injured leg, blows our mind beyond infinity.

    Main Aisa Kyun Hoon

    This another example of the sheer brilliance of Prabhudeva as a choreographer. If that was not enough, Hrithik, in this number, proves why he is the most gifted dancer in the business. The finesse with which Hrithik executes the impossible looking lock and pop bits is so damn brilliant that even after watching the video a million times we could never figure how he actually broke and flexed his body in the way that he did in the song. You know the bit I am talking about.

    Kaahe Ched Mohey

    We all knew Madhuri is a trained Kathak dancer and the dancing queen of Bollywood but nothing prepared us for the sheer magic that was Kaahe Ched Mohey. Choreographed by the Kathak maestro Pt. Birju Maharaj, the choreography in the song is not just breathtaking but also perhaps one of the purest ways Kathak has ever been shown in Bollywood.

    Sun Saathiya

    Every time I see Shradhha Kapoor delivering poor performances in films like Haseena Parkar or Half Girlfriend, all it takes me to forget that it is her dance moves in this song. Paired with seasoned dancers like Dharmesh who have won dance reality shows, Shradhha delivers a performance that would put even professional dancers to shame. Choreographed by Remo D’Souza the moves are mostly inspired by the lock and pop style of dancing, and in a film that literally venerates dancing and has several amazing dance performances, Sun Saathiya truly stands out, which is surely not a mean feat to achieve.


    Yet another Remo D’Souza extravaganza in the film ABCD 2, Bezubaan happens to be the soul of the franchise and it is not for no reason. The group choreography which pairs Varun and Shradhha with some of the most popular dancers in the country is a visual treat of the highest grade. The choreography has influences of B-Boying and other popular western styles and the sync, the group formations and above all the passion that reflects in the choreography is truly a sight to behold.

    Dhoom Again

    The maestros strike again with this one. Shiamak Davar and Hrithik Roshan is a collaboration is a match made in the dancing paradise and the result is the sheer piece of brilliance that Dhoom Again. The peppy music, the groovy moves and Hrithik looking unbelievably drop dead gorgeous are some of the reasons why this song would be featured in Bollywood’s dancing hall of fame.


    Apart from bikes and cool heists, Dhoom franchise is known for amazing dance numbers as well. If Dhoom 2 is remembered for Hrithik Roshan and Dhoom Again, the highlight of Dhoom 3 was Katrina Kaif’s Kamli. Choreographed by the brilliant Vaibhavi Merchant, the song is one of the best examples of pure dance songs. Katrina Kaif’s lock and pop, which generally goes against normal reflexes of women dancers, was executed with such precision and finesse that it never cease to amaze you even after watching it for a million times.

    Nagade Sang Dhol

    This visual extravaganza was brought to us by none other than Sanjay Leela Bhansali and an unbelievably gorgeous Deepika Padukone. Choreographed by Samir and Arsh Tanna had a heavy influence of Gujarati folk. In the making of the song, one can easily spot Deepika’s bleeding feet during shooting the song which goes to show the effort that was put into it. With SLB’s grand set, a heady music and Deepika’s passionate dancing this song is able to suck you into its world every time you see it.

    Main Hoon

    Tiger Shroff is probably one of the most successful stars in his generation and given his limited acting chops, one can argue his shot to fame is due to his flair for action and an unbelievable dancing ability. Although the movie Munna Michael failed to create an impression at the box-office, the Main Hoon song choreographed by not one, not two but three choreographer takes it where few Bollywood dance numbers have ever been before. Apart from Ganesh Acharya and Tiger’s dance guru Paresh Shirodkar, Travis Payne who worked with the king of pop Michael Jackson himself choreographed the song. Tiger’s passion for Jackson that he reflected in the song truly has the potential to give you goosebumps.

    Mere Dholna

    This song is perhaps the most significant part of the film and is something that we have never seen in Bollywood before. Executed flawlessly by Vidya Balan and professional Bharathnatyam dancer Vineeth, this song is pure classical choreography the mixes the traditional dance forms of Bharathnatyam with bits of Odissi. Vidya Balan, even after being a trained dancer, had to go through three months of workshop for the song. The song that will probably be mentioned in golden words in the history of Bollywood dance numbers was choreographed by someone that most people would find really shocking. The song was choreographed by Roopal Tyagi of Sapne Ladakpan Ke fame who has actually assited Pony Verma for years before turning her attention to acting.