Sandra Bullock too scared to stay in LA

    Sandra Bullock too scared to stay in LA

Sandra Bullock too scared to stay in LA

    Los Angeles, July 26 (IANS)

    Actress Sandra Bullock may move out of her house here after the armed stalker incident in June. She is reportedly planning to settle down in Austin, Texas.

    The 49-year-old was left shaken after learning that intruder Joshua Corbett managed to breach security at her Beverly Hills mansion and that he owns a machine gun among other deadly weapons, reports

    She used to live in the southern state with adopted four-year-old son Louis and also owns a home in New Orleans.

    "Finding out Corbett had a machine gun filled Sandra with dread. She wants out now! Sandra couldn't believe the guy was able to get into her house. She has 12-foot-high fences topped by barbed wire and state-of-the-art surveillance," a source said.

    On June 8, Sandra went to bed at around 1 a.m. after attending the Spike TV awards. But hours later she awoke to loud noises, which she thought was coming from her third floor workout room window.

    "The banging appeared to get louder and sounded like it was coming from her living room this time. She then feared for her safety, closed and locked her door to her bedroom and called 911," said a warrant.

    Corbett was charged with felony counts of residential burglary, stalking and possession of a machine gun.

    He pleaded not guilty to the charges and the judge set his bond at $185,000. If convicted, he faces more than 12 years in jail.