For Sibiraj, There Is No Shortcut To Stardom!

Sibiraj wants himself to be known as an acting star! The popular Kollywood actor Sibiraj thinks that there is no shortcut to attain stardom. For him, it is equally challenging and requires a lot of efforts. Let’s see what more Sibiraj has to say about it.

Few last years have been a rewarding period for the handsome lad! He chose his films carefully and delivered commendable performances. According to the sources, when asked about the time his progress in acting career took to make a mark despite his early entry in the industry, he said, “I look at these years as a learning process. I was 20 when I ventured into the industry and I lacked maturity then.” He further added that if he had delivered a blockbuster right at the beginning, it might have gone to his head and also talked about the amazing movies he has into his credit at present.

The Jackson Durai actor shared that one cannot be a big star without being a good actor, as per the sources. This is the reason why he wants himself to be addressed as an acting star! The actor moved on to say that the advice of Sivakumar sir has always motivated him. Now, Sibiraj is gearing up for the release of Sathya in which he will be seen playing the titular role.

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For Sibiraj, There Is No Shortcut To Stardom!