Hollywood Legend Harry Dean Stanton Passes Away

Hollywood veteran actor, musician and singer Harry Dean Stanton is known to have starred in movies such as Repo Man and Pretty in Pink. The veteran actor has passed away at the age of 91. The actor starred in numerous secondary roles in many movies.

Stanton got his first break with movie ‘Paris, Texas’ in 1984, which was helmed by Wim Wenders. Before his big break, the actor played secondary roles in movies such as The Godfather Part 2, Alien and Cool Hand Luke. The actor succeeded to establish a name for himself by the year 1984.

The actor further continued to deliver super hit performances in movies such as 92 in the Shade, Ride in the Whirlwind, Cockfighter and Two-Llane Blacktop. The actor had created a niche audience for himself. The actor was last seen in movies such as Lucky and The Avengers.

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Hollywood Legend Harry Dean Stanton Passes Away

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