Kamal Haasan Storms Social Media With His Political Outlook

Kamal Haasan has been actively maintaining his socio-political campaign through his social media accounts from quite some time. The icon is targeting to contact the public directly. His provocative social media tweets suggest that the existing political system should be replaced.

In one of his recent tweets, he said, “My aim is a better Tamilnadu. Who dares to strengthen my voice? DMK AIADMK & parties R tools to help. If those tools R blunt finds others”. The tweet got a lot of encouraging responses, however, a few un-welcomed the actor's buzz words. Also, many wanted to know his idea of his 'New Independence Struggle' launch. Like his old friend Rajnikanth, the icon has been trying to redefine political scenario in Tamil Nadu.

Political commentator Ravindran Duraisamy held that Kamal has to incur huge expenses apart from facing attacks from multiple parties and leaders if he wants to enter politics. He further said that Kamal lack people’s support and it would be very difficult for him to survive as he doesn’t enjoy the fan base like Rajinikanth. All the three Kamal tweets got over 15,000 'likes' and were retweeted 5000 within three hours of posting. Since then, the score has been climbing rapidly. 

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 Kamal Haasan Storms Social Media With His Political Outlook

Source: laysalaysa.com