Karthik Kumar Reveals Why He Left Acting

Kollywood actor turned stand-up comedian Karthik Kumar is known to have starred in movies such as Pasanga 2, Yaaradi Nee Mohini, Veepam and Kanda Naal Mudhal. The comedian is currently hosting the stand up comedy show ‘Blood Chutney’. Karthik recently got chatty regarding his decision of opting out of the world of acting and entering the world of stand-up comedy.

He said, “I lost my interest in cinema acting in 2016, I quit cinema then. My last film Mannar Vagaiyara released last week because it was a long pending release. I don’t think acting took a back seat as much as much as cinema. I felt that I wasn’t doing justice to it and it wasn’t doing justice to me, I was not doing the roles that I enjoyed”.

On being asked about any of his future projects, he said, “You will find me in a web series very soon, it may release at the end of this year”. Regarding the growth of stand up comedy, he said, “Youngsters think it is the coolest thing to do. Stand up comedy is constantly breaking mindsets and questioning norms. It is a disruptive art form, youngsters love it because we say things that nobody else says and it is a healthy thing”. 

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Karthik Kumar Reveals Why He Left Acting

Source: i.ytimg.com