Kollywood Star Ranjithkumar Helms ‘Pei Irukka Illaiyaa’

Kollywood actor Ranjithkumar is known to have starred in many horror movies such as Aval. The actor has decided to direct a horror genre movie. The movie has been titled as ‘Pei Irukka Illaiyaa’.

Ranjithkumar has previously helmed the movie Mandodhari. The storyline of ‘Pei Irukka Illaiyaa’ will circle around the issue about the existence of spirits and ghosts. The movie will also put emphasis on the issue of superstitions as well. Actor Amar will be portraying the lead male role along with Jyothisha in the female lead role.

Regarding the movie, the director was quoted as saying, “Four jobless friends invite the wrath of a local don who in turn wants to take revenge on the four. They run for their life and take refuge at an old unused dilapidated bungalow, only to realise that it is haunted by ghosts. How they save their lives from the ghosts and the gangster is narrated as a comedy thriller”.    

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Kollywood Star Ranjithkumar Helms ‘Pei Irukka Illaiyaa’

Source: pbs.twimg.com