Ramya: In A Remake, The Risk Of Comparison Lingers!

There is always a risk of comparison in a remake! The actress who has dabbled in all the four south Indian film industries, Ramya Nambeesan expresses her concerns for the film Sathya. Let’s discover what is troubling her mind.

Ramya is confident but concerned as well!  According to the sources, when asked about the challenges one encounters while working in a remake, the diva said, “The biggest challenge is that your work will be compared. Of course, it's good to have a healthy competition. But when I work in a remake, I ensure I don't imitate what the other actor has done.” She further added that it was still easier for her to be prepared for Sathya as the director was clear in his vision and had full confidence in me.

The Damaal Dumeel actress also shared that she enjoys the filmmaking process and always try to gain experience from it. The sources also noted that the actress prefer being an artiste and an entertainer. It is yet to see to what extent the fear of Ramya materialises!

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Ramya: In A Remake, The Risk Of Comparison Lingers!

Source: blogspot.com