Vishal To Enter Politics

Kollywood actor Vishal is a known film actor and producer down the South. He has recently spoken about her political outing. In a recent interview with Deccan Chronicle, the actor revealed about her plans to enter politics if needed.

He said, “I believe that ‘change’ is the only constant thing. Like others, I won’t say ‘if God’s willingness is there’ or stuff like that. My straight-forward answer is, yes, if the need arises, I’ll come to politics. There’s nothing wrong in it. In fact, people in power have approached me to join them in the past. At the same time, I’m not nurturing a secret ambition to get there or consider politics as an alternative career”.

He further added that he is not needed in politics of the current politicians do their jobs seriously and faithfully. “If the current crop of politicians do well and continue to do good for the public, people expect the basic necessities and amenities to be given out to them — be it a ration card, education and medicine. But nothing is coming to them easily. If they (politicians) do their job, why ask actors like me if we would enter the field?”, he added.

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Vishal To Enter Politics