Arjun Reddy’s Unseen Scenes Will Be Restored?

Latest released Telugu film ‘Arjun Reddy’ has received a lot of positive approbation. The film, which has been directed by Sandeep Kumar Vanga’s starring Vijay Devarakonda has been considered a game-changer for Telugu cinema. Recently, it has been heard that the film is going to be restored as the director intends to restore all the scenes that were abandoned previously.

Vijay taking about the plan revealed, “So in principle, we’re planning to add to, and not subtract from, the film’s length. We had to sacrifice about 40 minutes of footage on the editing table. Believe me, every moment of what we shot was vital to the story. Every frame that we left out was a bit of our lives abandoned for the sake of a tighter narrative”.

Further, the actor said that the entire team is enthusiastic about putting back the abandoned scenes. Being on pre-release pressure, Sandeep Vanga had to cut down the length of the movie, as three-hour length movies are not considered multiplex-friendly. The action-drama now stands at 182 minutes, which has got appraisals from the audience. 

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Arjun Reddy’s Unseen Scenes Will Be Restored?