Taapsee Pannu Apologises For Comments On K Raghavendra Rao

Last week, Bollywood actress Taapsee Pannu made some comments towards director K. Raghavendra Rao that did not come off exactly how she meant them to be. She was present at a comedy show where she passed some funny comments about midriff scenes and the senior director. Since then, she has been getting a lot of flak from Tollywood personalities and the director’s fans.

Now, the actress has apologized for her comments and said that she did not mean to hurt anybody. “I didn’t intend to hurt anyone. I wanted to make fun of myself and how my debut film happened to me”, Taapsee stated. She also said that K. Raghavendra Rao was the one who introduced her to the film industry and that she has the utmost respect for him.

“It took me a little while to understand that what I said was wrong. So I really want to apologise, if I hurt anyone’s sentiment. But trust me, I didn’t intend to and just wanted to make fun of myself”, the actress added. Taapsee’s first film was ‘Jhummandi Naadam’, which was directed by the veteran director.

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Taapsee Pannu Apologises For Comments On K Raghavendra Rao

Source: 25cineframes.com