Anando Brahma Is Rocking The Box Office!

After making waves in Bollywood with Baby, Pink and Naam Shabana, many believed Taapsee Pannu had bid adieu to Telugu industry. She proved all of them wrong by signing Telugu horror-comedy soon after the release of Pink, and although the film took a while to get made, it finally released last week and has rocked the box-office. Made on a shoestring budget, the makers recovered the film’s cost in just three days. It might not be a blockbuster but the film sure has won over audiences and critics alike with its quirky twist the to the horror genre.

According to director Mahi Raghav, the response to the film has been phenomenal and the numbers are beyond satisfaction. The film’s story is set in a haunted house, and like most films in this genre, revolves around a bunch of characters who have died tragic deaths and now seek revenge in the form of ghosts. In an entertaining twist, the ghosts are afraid of humans and this is because of some flaws of the lead characters which become their strength.

In the US, the film collected Rs 1.92 crore (US $300,000) from its opening weekend and that’s huge considering the film’s budget. Raghav also confirmed that remake talks have been initiated for the film across the languages, including in Bollywood.