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4 years ago
Jab Tak Hai Jaan
3.7 30,984 Ratings

Ab Tak Hai BeJaan!!

Inspired by Meera (Katrina) whose one lame promise to God paved way for nearly 3 hours of torture, I also made promise to 'Sir Jejus', that please end this ordeal and in return I would go back to writ more...

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7 years ago
Ladies v/s Ricky Bahl
3.6 1,605 Ratings

Main hoon aadat se Mazboor.....

The problem with Yashraj Films' latest offering starts with its over-explantory title and ends with a predictable tale of affairs. But hang-on!!! Don't jump the gun in discarding the flick; its still more...

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6 years ago
3.8 7,422 Ratings

A Super Hero with a HART, but without BRAN!!!

As I sit to put my Ra.One's experience in words (better way than to say ' I shall write review', 'coz who cares for reviews, anyways?), King Khan's dream project is already setting Box-Office ablaze w more...

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7 years ago
3.5 563 Ratings

Not yet READY for SHAITAN? Grow up Moviegoers!!

I don't remember even a single flick in recent times where the "real-men behind the scenes" took the center-stage. SHAITAN is one such exception. TRUE, the performances of all the lead actors varied f more...

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7 years ago
Dil Toh Baccha Hai Ji
3.3 931 Ratings

At Rom-Coms, Madhur "Kaccha" hai Jee!!

Why was Madhur so desperate to switch from his trademark realistic flicks to a run-of-the-mill rom-com? Well, he might be thriving for a well-deserved break from his hard-hitting real-life portrayals. more...

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7 years ago
Turning 30!!!
3.0 263 Ratings

What's the fuss about Turning-30?

The title suggested it all and the relentless promotions strengthened the pre-conceieved notions even more. I never thought turning-30 is such a big issue to churn a movie out of it; I am glad that af more...

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7 years ago
Yamla Pagla Deewana
3.5 2,377 Ratings

In Punjab do as Punjabis;What about Varanasi then?

Promos promised a knee-headed entertainer with some rollicking chemistry amongst the Deols. While the former succeeds in patches as the 'masala' falls short in 'spicing' the flick, latter doesn't disa more...

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7 years ago
No One Killed Jessica
3.4 1,271 Ratings

'Everyone' should watch 'No-One..."

Hard hitting movies based on real-life incidents has always tasted mixed reactions at the box office. Jessica Lal murder case has been the talk-of-the-nation for last decade or so. This much-hyped cas more...

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7 years ago
Gulliver's Travels
3.2 500 Ratings

All aging Wines are not good!!

How many times we have witnessed screen adaptations of popular fairy tales? While few big-screen reincarnations strike gold, others bite the dust. We have been grown up listening (and reading) Gullive more...

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7 years ago
Tees Maar Khan
2.7 3,826 Ratings

PJs mat MAAR..Farah KHAN!!!

Farah Khan has self proclaimed herself as the Director of the masses as she had hit jackpot twice with low-on-logical-content but full-on-masala flicks like 'Main Hoon Na' and 'Om Shanti Om'. Lot's ri more...

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