Dhamaka Movie Review: Ram Madhvani brings out Kartik Aaryan’s most honest performance in this edge-of-the-seat thriller

    Dhamaka Movie Review: Ram Madhvani brings out Kartik Aaryan’s most honest performance in this edge-of-the-seat thriller

    Dhamaka Movie Review
    Dhamaka Movie Review: Ram Madhvani brings out Kartik Aaryan’s most honest performance in this edge-of-the-seat thriller
    Updated : November 30, 2021 01:30 PM IST

    From the first look itself, we knew Dhamaka is going to be different-- Kartik A aryan had ditched his signature spiky hair for long tresses, he was dressed up as a news anchor and was looking out the window, at a bridge blown up by a bomb. It was later revealed that the actor had completed the shoot in just a matter of 10 days and he even called it his ‘most challenging’ film till date. Then, Kartik shared that director Ram Madhvani likes to take 20-minute takes at one go. Well, all these reports only piqued our interest for Dhamaka. The film released today and much to our delight, it was worth the wait.

    Dhamaka begins with a brief glimpse at Arjun Pathak aka Kartik Aarya n and Soumya Mehra Pathak aka Mr unal Thakur ’s happily married life. However, soon we are introduced to reality-- Arjun, a star anchor, has been demoted and is now hosting a radio show as he holds divorce papers in his hand. He then gets a call from a laborer who tries to share his story, but Arjun attempts to keep him on the topic of the day. The caller then tells the journalist that he will soon blast the sea-link bridge. Initially Arjun takes it as a prank call. But when the blast actually occurs and the terrorist says that he will call Arjun back, the anchor realizes that he has an exclusive on his hand. He gets ready to take back his prime time slot on TV instead of calling the police.

    The story is gripping and Kartik’s performance keeps you glued to the screen. You won’t be able to look away for even a minute! Amruta Subhash, who has played the role of his boss, will leave you in awe of her acting chops. She has perfectly portrayed the role of a producer who only cares about the channel and selling the news to the audience for ratings. So much so, that you’ll end up hating the character-- that’s how well she has portrayed it! Seeing her on-screen in such a strong character after her role of Ranveer Singh ’s helpless mother in Gully Boy is absolutely wonderful. Mrunal Thakur, on the other hand, is seen in a special appearance which we wish was longer.

    Coming back to the star of the film-- Kartik. He has successfully delivered his most honest and gritty performance till date and we can’t thank Ram Madhvani enough for bringing it out. After watching him play quirky roles in comedies like Pyaar Ka Punchnama and Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety , or a lover boy in Love Aaj Kal 2, Arjun Pathak hits us like a breath of fresh air. On air, he’s a star journalist who claims to deliver only the truth to the public, while off air he is sometimes an arrogant man who thinks only for himself. Arjun Pathak is not just one character-- it is a turning point in Kartik’s film career where he has proven that he can immerse himself into any role given to him. The camera angles and direction, on the other hand, make you feel like you’re watching a live video! Madhvani’s skills as a filmmaker make this edge-of-the-seat thriller a must watch. It also blows our mind when we realize that some of these are long shots, taken at one go.

    Dhamaka is undoubtedly a well-made film. However, along with the ability and power to reach out to masses, there comes a responsibility. The film has sadly portrayed the media in a very inhumane light. Even though it is fictional, it makes you wonder for a second if journalists around the world can be trusted. If the film is viewing a terrorist attack from the media lens, it’s not fair to put the blame of it on a channel or a news reporter. In the end, a journalist is nothing but a bridge between what’s happening in the world and the public.

    Now go watch Dhamaka because it’s a phenomenal work of art and deserves your attention!

    Updated: November 30, 2021 01:30 PM IST
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