'83 review: Kabir Khan and team deliver a sixer, film will make your heart swell with pride

    '83 review: Kabir Khan and team deliver a sixer, film will make your heart swell with pride


    Movie- '83
    Director: Kabir Khan
    Cast: Ranveer Singh, Pankaj Tripathi, Tahir Raj Bhasin, Jiiva, Saqib Saleem, Jatin Sarna, Chirag Patil, Dinker Sharma, Nishant Dahiya, Harrdy Sandhu, Sahil Khattar, Ammy Virk, Adinath Kothare, Dhairya Karwa, Deepika Padukone, Waqima Gabbi and R Badree.

    '83 review: Kabir Khan and team deliver a sixer, film will make your heart swell with pride
    Updated : December 21, 2021 02:06 PM IST

    If you carefully think about it, ' 83 is a super difficult film to make. I mean, you know what the outcome of the film is going to be, and then you are taking on the challenge of recreating one of the historic moments in the history of India, not just Indian Cricket. Cricket is bigger than any religion in this nation and probably every Indian has an opinion on this sport. So, when one has to recreate the '83 World Cup, one can't leave room for any mistake. The audience will say- but that's not what happened, or that's not how this player used to play in the field. The challenge is huge, and I have to say that Kabir Khan and the team have actually managed to pull it off so so well.

    It's not just Ranveer Singh that the audience would laud here- but each and every actor who is a part. And by actor- I don't mean the actors who have played the cricketers in the Indian Cricket team, but also those who played the cricketers from the West Indies team! And when the director is in control, the actors are dedicated, and you have the right crew in the film- you know what the outcome is going to be. '83 is just that- a perfect film to watch, to laugh with, to cry at scenes, and for seetis and taalis.

    '83, true to its name and the events that it wants to show, begins from the time that the team leaves for England for the World Cup. This is a team of underdogs- one that gets laughed at when Captain Kapil Dev says they're here to win the World Cup, one that doesn't get an ID to enter Lords, and one whose return ticket is fixed on the day before the finals. But, as we all know, this team put forward the grit and dedication and gave answers to everyone's doubt with their cricket, with their skills. And this film just shows that raw grit and determination, in the way that will make your chest swell with pride, and with moments that will make you shed a tear or two and clap back.

    In fact, all the matches are made as if you are watching a real match instead of the recreation of these. It's been made so perfectly that at times, Kabir Khan juxtaposes what's happening in the reel with real pictures, without the faces being morphed or anything- just absolutely real. That's also when you realise that the actors have worked so so hard to get not the techniques right, but also the physicality.

    The heartwarming moments in this film are several. This is a rare film that gets the execution, the acting, the editing, the cinematography, the music - everything right and on point. There's a moment just before the interval that will melt even the strongest of hearts. There's the Kapil Dev breaking the World record moment, and then India's miraculous turn during the finals. Coming to camera angles, Kabir Khan does not opt for a shortcut like what we complained about in Saina . The actors have practiced to become perfect to the T and they're impeccable in the closeup shots as well. The cast bond like the actual team. In fact, with so many newcomers here, you wouldn't even realise that they are people who are debuting with '83. That's some feat to achieve. One may claim that Ranveer Singh has most of the heavy lifting to do since we get more glimpse into what he thought about the World Cup and how he kept everyone motivated. But can you really ignore Jivaa's terrific act, or Nishant Dahiya getting the jump before throwing the ball right as Roger Binny or Dhairya nailing it as Ravi Shastri ? Here, we have to mention Mukesh Chhabra to be able to think these actors as cricketers. He imagined it, put his faith and the actors really stood up to the challenge.

    Kabir Khan definitely deserves applause for how he has captained this cruise. He has an immense task to rise to and with the right cast and crew, he rises to it. The sentiments Indians have with cricket are huge, and he respects it! This is also a film that could have easily gone with one small mistake, but that never happens. 

    This one, all in all, is a story to watch out for. It's also a cinematic experience, one that you would like to experience again and again. You would want those goosebumps. If I hooted and clapped for Spiderman last week, I have to say this played more on my sentiment and I laughed, clapped, and cried with '83. Watch it with your friends, with your family, and make sure to go to the theatres for that experience! Also, we can't even tell you what the excitement was to see the special appearances in the film! This is a must must watch.