Evil Dead Rise Movie Review: A fantastic reboot, that honors the legacy of the original


    Evil Dead Rise

    Two sisters battle for survival against an undead evil.

    Director :
    • Lee Cronin
    Cast :
    • Lily Sullivan,
    • Alyssa Sutherland,
    • Morgan Davies,
    • Gabrielle Echols,
    • Nell Fisher
    Genre :
    • Horror
    Language :
    • English
    Evil Dead Rise Movie Review: A fantastic reboot, that honors the legacy of the original
    Updated : May 26, 2023 05:04 PM IST

    Director Sam Raimi's Evil Dead trilogy is a franchise I enjoy. It is probably the first movie trilogy I watched back to back with each movie taking the franchise in a different direction.

    The first movie had your typical group of teenagers getting killed in a cabin in the woods, the second movie was the real turning point for the franchise as it added a lot of dark humor, and finally, the third installment doubled down on the wackiness.

    And because of these three completely different entries, the Evil Dead franchise has a loyal cult following that has expanded into comic books, TV shows, and video games.

    However, one area it fell behind was the big screen, the franchise had a lackluster reboot in 2013 which lead to further movies on hold, until now.

    The new reboot titled Evil Dead Rise is produced by Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell and directed by Lee Cronin. The cast of the movie includes Lily Sullivan, Alyssa Sutherland, and Morgan Davies.

    The movie follows Beth, who visits her sister Ellie and her three children, who live in a condemned apartment building. One night, her children accidentally find an ancient book that can summon demons, and chaos ensues.

    It is clear from the start of the movie that director and writer Lee Cronin is a fan of the franchise, the movie has everything that fans of the franchise will enjoy and is engaging enough to entertain newcomers.

    The use of practical effects and blood is also something to be appreciated as it adds to the realism and helps draw you into the danger the characters are up against.

    The biggest asset the movie has is an incredible performance by Alyssa Sutherland as Ellie, the switch in her personality and demeanor feels effortless.

    Especially in the scenes involving her children, the stark contrast between a loving mother and the undead demon on a rampage is fun to watch. 

    The music by Stephen McKeon is a standout as it tries to elevate each scene and does not overstay its welcome.

    The one issue I did have with the movie is the acting by Nell Fisher and Morgan Davies which never hits the mark, especially towards the climax.

    So if you are a fan of the franchise or a fan of horror movies, Evil Dead Rise is a definite must-watch and as a fan, I cannot wait to see what they will do in the sequel.