Shiddat Movie Review: Sunny Kaushal shines bright in this slightly illogical but passionate love story

    Shiddat Movie Review: Sunny Kaushal shines bright in this slightly illogical but passionate love story

    Shiddat Movie Review
    Shiddat Movie Review: Sunny Kaushal shines bright in this slightly illogical but passionate love story
    Updated : October 01, 2021 05:38 AM IST

    In today’s fast-paced world, there are not many out there who have the time for love. In fact, there are some who don’t even believe in the concept and think of it as something that maybe exists only in fairytales. This is because most love stories that we have heard sound impossible and quite illogical. But in their own way, they are special, intense and full of hope and love. Well, that’s exactly what Sunny Kaushal and Radhika Madan ’s Shiddat is. It is a passionate and lovable love story, which will make you feel emotions you never thought you had, if you give it a chance. We hope you do after reading this review.

    The film begins with an inspiring speech by Mohit Raina aka Gautam at his wedding reception. He tells a sweet story about a ring, describing it as a magical compass, and shares how it helped him find his wife Ira, played by Diana Penty . The speech is so beautiful and romantic that it leaves a deep impact on Sunny aka wedding crasher Jaggi. He had come to enjoy free liquor with his friends, but when he left, he was inspired by Gautam. A few years later, Sunny gets caught by the police in France for trying to cross the border illegally. He ends up face to face with Gautam, who is a government official. Sunny then reveals that he is trying to reach London to stop Radhika aka Kartika’s wedding.

    They met a few months ago, had a great time together and Jaggi fell in love with Kartika, who was already engaged. She too developed feelings for him but being a practical individual, she decided to bury those feelings deep down. When Jaggi confesses his love to her, she told him to come to London if he still feels this way about her after a few months and promises to break her wedding. What Kartika thought was a joke turns into Sunny’s journey to prove his love. He tries to cross the border by swimming through the English Channel and almost dies, but refuses to give up or return to India. The reason behind this craziness? Shiddat waala pyaar. The intense, passionate love he has in his heart for Kartika.

    Before you start comparing Jaggi to an intense stalker, let us stop you right here. He’s a fun loving, charming character who has the most hilarious one-liners and will win your heart in the first scene itself. Kartika, on the other hand, is slightly more confusing. She is a little uptight and makes you wonder what her problem is with life. But it all makes sense when you learn her story. While Sunny has outdone himself and has proved that he is an incredibly talented actor who is here to slay, Radhika has immersed herself into the character of Kartika. Then there is the sizzling chemistry which will most definitely leave you in awe. Mohit and Diana are also quite convincing and we wish we could see more of them on-screen! They look perfect together.

    Coming to the story: Like any other love story, this film is not based on logic. The things that you will see will make you wonder ‘who does that in real life’. Some scenes are bizarre! But isn’t that how most epic romantic tales are? For many movie lovers, films are a way of getting away from reality. That is something Shiddat was successful at. It takes you into Jaggi’s world, and makes you root for him till the end. He is just a character who is here to touch your heart and tell you a story. Not to make you learn something new. Also, majority of iconic movie characters were not exactly made up using logic. Would a Raj actually crash your wedding and act like your groom’s BFF like Shah Rukh Khan did in Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge? NO! Because it’s a film, not real life. But it was entertaining to watch.

    Being a realistic, practical individual is important in life. But most romantic films are made using characters who believe that the sole purpose of their life is to be with the person they love. That’s the love Jaggi has in his heart. For entertainment purposes and this particular genre, that’s good enough. Sadly a few scenes are borderline creepy, but other than that the storytelling is beautiful and the picturesque locations are a treat for the eyes. Also, let’s admit that our current generation which is featured in the film is quite colorful and gives out happy vibes that are needed to balance out the intensity of this love story. All in all, the cinematography is easy on the eyes.

    So, Shiddat may not be a fun film to watch for people who are looking for logic. They might even get annoyed at why Jaggi does what he does to reach Kartika. However, if you are a die-hard romantic or someone who is up for watching an incredible journey of a romantic fool and are interested to see love in its most intense form, give Shiddat a chance. In the end, there are still some of us who wish to be loved as unconditionally and intensely as Jaggi loves Radhika. This film is for us old souls, who yearn for and still believe in that ‘shiddat waala pyaar’.

    PS: Get ready to fall in love with the new star in town, Sunny Kaushal!