Gullak 3 Review: Mishra parivaar is back with another perfect season; life gets tough but they still make us smile


    Gullak 3

    Gullak follows the story of a middle class family. While Santosh Mishra works in the electricity department, Shanti Mishra is a housewife. They have two sons-- Anand Mishra aka Annu, who is a salesperson in this season, and topper Aman Mishra who is all set to begin class 11th.

    Director :
    • Palash Vaswani
    Cast :
    • Jameel Khan,
    • Geetanjali Kulkarni,
    • Vaibhav Raj Gupta,
    • Harsh Mayar
    Genre :
    • Comedy Drama
    Language :
    • Hindi
    Platform :
    • SonyLIV
    Gullak 3 Review: Mishra parivaar is back with another perfect season; life gets tough but they still make us smile
    Updated : April 07, 2022 12:02 AM IST

    When I watched the first season of Gullak, it took me back to the good old simple days where we found happiness in smaller things. It was easy to miss their big problems because each episode came with a happy ending, which left you with a smile and overshadowed the issues of this middle class family. Well, the Mishra parivaar is back with season 3 and while they are still as entertaining as the previous seasons, life has become tougher for them. But with bigger problems, we get even more interesting stories which prove that the greatest strength of this family is not money but their love for each other. Read on to know why Gullak 3 is a must watch.

    Season 3 begins where season 2 ended-- after emerging as the topper of his school Aman, portrayed by Harsh Mayar , is now gearing up for 11th standard whereas Annu, played by Vaibhav Raj Gupta, is now a salesman on the payroll. Meanwhile Santosh Mishra and Shanti Mishra, aka Jameel Khan and Geetanjali Kulkarni, are dealing with a new concern-- Aman’s admission fees. Well, the good news is that there is a new savings account in the house so things are definitely going to get easier with some unexpected complications on the way. Another exciting news is that now along with Bittu ki Mummy, played by Sunita Rajwar, audiences have finally been introduced to Bittu who wants to become a social media sensation but is too good a dancer.

    Let’s begin with the characters-- they are as endearing as you could remember. The best thing about the Mishra parivaar is that the more you watch them, the more involved you get in their lives and start thinking of them as your extended family. While you smile when you see Shanti smile, your heart breaks when Annu is unable to buy the suspension shoes he had been yearning to buy with his first salary. These actors are incredibly talented performers who live their characters on screen with utter perfection. Coming to the storyline-- just like the previous seasons this time also we get to hear new ‘kisse’ (stories). But makers have now taken a more intense turn. The problems of this middle class family are increasing but their support for one another and the love between them makes you believe they will come out stronger. But will they?

    Apart from heartwarming sequences, dialogues which tickle your funny bone and scenes which make you fall in love with the members of the family, this time Gullak gives us some shocking twists which bring your heart to your mouth. The show gives you a deeper look into what many middle class families of our country suffer. It feels like the makers wanted to take one step out of their comfort zone of comedy to give us the taste of dark reality, and well, they succeeded. There were some scenes which felt like they were dragging on for too long. But when you sit and watch this series with your full attention, it consumes you.

    Final thoughts-- This series does not belong in the thriller genre, nor are there any star-crossed lovers waiting to be reunited. No crimes are being solved and no deadly games are played. But it is still incredibly gripping and leaves you wanting more. In every way, Gullak is a masterpiece. The characters, the story and our beloved narrator- oh how much we missed them. A true delight! So go watch it now and then join us as we eagerly wait for season 4.