Total Dhamaal Proves To be A Fitting Sequel To Dhamaal!

    Total Dhamaal Proves To be A Fitting Sequel To Dhamaal!

    Total Dhamaal Proves To be A Fitting Sequel To Dhamaal!
    Updated : February 22, 2019 02:33 PM IST

    Dhamaal released back in 2007. The film was a hit, thanks to the comic timing and the brilliant performances. Then came Double Dhamaal , that took the franchise down with poor show. Even though the film managed to do well, it could not woo the fans who so wholeheartedly laughed with the characters in Dhamaal. And now after 12 years of the release of the original, there is Total Dhamaal.

    Honestly, when I went to watch the film, I did not have any expectations. I wasn’t hoping very high about the film and thought that probably it might sink even below Double Dhamaal. But I received a surprise at the theatres, and this time it was pleasant.

    Total Dhamaal steered towards the better and even after the end credits rolled, I just came out with a smile plastered on my face. Yes, whether it is better than Dhamaal is debatable and I personally don’t think it surpassed the first one, but it did come close to it.

    The beginning of the film dragged a little. There were introductory scenes for all the characters and that went a little too much. In fact, the film also began with quite a few stale jokes. I mean, how many times have you seen art gallery becoming fart gallery? While I was disappointed at that moment, the film took away that glum by the end of the first half itself!

    The film has strong comic timings. Well, when you have the most seasoned actors on board, you would not expect anything short of perfection. Ajay Devgn was funny, so was Madhuri Dixit , Anil Kapoor and Arshad Warsi . Riteish Deshmukh too was good and we loved how he picked up the accent. But the best of the lot clearly were Sanjay Mishra and Javed Jaffery. Sanjay Mishra was spot on and he was effortless. I loved how he said “bro” and never annoyed the audience with it. Javed Jaffery was Manav once again and his body language to comic timings, everything was just perfect.

    Boman Irani , Mahesh Manjrekar , Johny Lever, Manoj Pahwa  and Esha Gupta had cameos in the film. Mahesh Manjrekar had probably the least screen time but was so so good!

    The film also relies a lot on visual effects. While they are not top notch, they are good in the film and do not take away the attention.

    The comedy survives in the film because of the actors. It is a slapstick comedy, so do not expect very deep or very good jokes. The funny bits have its own flaws- you will see cultural stereotyping, old jokes and so many lame jokes, but they all sit well in the entire narrative. You will crack up and the film achieves what it has set out to do- make you laugh.

    The film is a thorough entertainer and you definitely can give it a watch. And yes, if you are wondering if the Mungda song was necessary- well, it wasn’t!