Bigg Boss OTT 3- Here’s why Ranvir Shorey gave to a timely advice to rapper Naezy

    The upcoming episode of Anil Kapoor hosted Bigg Boss OTT 3 will see Ranvir Shorey giving a timely advice to rapper Naezy

    Bigg Boss OTT 3- Here’s the timely advice that Ranvir Shorey gave to rapper Naezy

    Bigg Boss OTT 3- Here’s the timely advice that Ranvir Shorey gave to rapper Naezy

    So far, in all the seasons gone by of the reality show Bigg Boss (the main format as well as the OTT format, the ongoing season of Bigg Boss OTT 3 is surely making noise and for all the right reasons. While on one hand, there is the ever-understanding and always approachable Anil Kapoor, who is doing a great job as the show’s host. On the other hand, there is the veteran actor Ranvir Shorey who makes no qualms when it comes to calling a spade a spade.

    Given the years that Ranvir Shorey has spent in the entertainment industry, his conversation always makes for a good listen. He always ensures to analyse any situation like a mature person and then dole out his advice, and that too… only if the need be. This time round, a small clip featuring Ranvir Shorey and rapper Naezy has been posted by Jio Cinema on its social media handle.

    On his part, Ranvir Shorey is seen telling the rapper Naezy to look for people who understand him. In the same breath, he also added that he should always have such people around him who understands him. And in their company, he should be able to talk freely before them. He also says that he should not feel inhibited when it comes to opening up his emotions and feelings before the people who cares for him and who understand him totally.

    Ranvir also tells Naezy that, if he starts suppressing his feelings and emotions, then, it will start growing like a seed (what he meant was an unavoidable weed in the mind). That’s when Naezy told Ranvir that he was grateful to Munisha as to how to tackle people around him in a smart way.

    Hearing that, Ranvir tells Naezy that, in this ‘kalyug’ one needs to be really very careful about the people around us as we don’t know who is atrang (weird).