Bigg Boss OTT 3 July 9 highlights- Did Lovekesh Kataria ‘fail’ Bigg Boss?

    In the recently concluded episode of Bigg Boss OTT 3, Bigg Boss tells Lovekesh Kataria that he had failed him!

    Bigg Boss OTT 3 July 9 highlights- Did Lovekesh Kataria ‘fail’ Bigg Boss?

    Bigg Boss OTT 3 July 9 highlights- Did Lovekesh Kataria ‘fail’ Bigg Boss?

    The day started off with Armaan malik instructing the rapper Naezy to clean the toilet after using it, as there will be others who too, would want to use it. In no time, there enters Ranvir Shorey, who tells Naezy the same as what Armaan had told.

    Ranvir Shorey then instructs Armaan Malik to remain calm as he feels that Naezy was having some issues (which was disturbing him from within). On the other hand, one spotted Kritika Malik who was seen talking to Chandrika (the vada pav girl) about Vishal. It was during her ‘concerned conversation’, that she was heard telling Chandrika that, one really wonders as to how will Vishal be outside, if this was how he was inside (the Bigg Boss OTT 3 house!).

    Speaking about Vishal, Bigg Boss summons him to the confession room and is shown three clips of his. These three clips show Vishal questioning Lovekesh about him being the ‘baaharwala’, and eventually telling him that he was aware of the former’s secret!

    Seeing the footage, Bigg Boss tells Vishal to explain what he spoke to Lovekesh in the video clips. As a reply, Vishal told Bigg Boss that he had a really very strong intuition that it was Lovekesh only who was the ‘baaharwaala’.

    This was then, followed by the most shocking part of the entire episode. After having a word with Vishal, Bigg Boss then calls everyone to assemble in the living room. It is here where and when Bigg Boss repeated his rule with regards to the baaharwala, by saying that, as per his instructions, the real identity of the baaharwala was not to be revealed to anyone at any cost.

    After saying that, Bigg Boss tells Lovekesh that he had failed him (Bigg Boss) and that he cannot tolerate failures. Bigg Boss then offers housemates a chance to save Lovekesh, who, in turn, gathers a good amount of support.