Exclusive: Danish Sait opens up about Humble Politiciann Nograj and the pressure to match up to the film

    Danish Sait is all set to return as our very own Humble Politiciann Nograj, but this time in a series! In an exclusive interview, he opened up about the challenge of recreating the magic of Nograj

    Exclusive: Danish Sait opens up about Humble Politiciann Nograj and the pressure to match up to the film

    Back in 2018, when Humble Politician Nograj released in Kannada, it became an instant hit. The popularity grew more after the film was also released globally on Amazon Prime. Cut to 4 years later, in 2022, we have a brand new series of our favourite Nograj. Humble Politiciann Nograj has released on Voot and the verdict on it is yet to be out. 

    Well, it must be challenging for the makers to be able to keep up to the challenge of matching the standards set by the film, isn't it? Was it difficult for Danish Sait to recreate the magic of Nograj again? The comedian and actor has an interesting take on it. In an exclusive interview with us, Danish said, "I'm somebody who's been putting myself out there for the last decade. The moment you put yourself out there on the internet as a content creator or as someone on a prank call on audio or somebody who's doing comedy videos right through the pandemic last year, right through the lockdown- what happens is you're constantly used to the idea of being compared to what you've done in the past. And after a point it becomes no pressure because this is the only thing I know how to do. Whether I do it once whether it would 100 times, I have to come back and still rise to the challenge and treat it as brand new myself."

    He further added, "It's never something that you can look at and go 'oh, it is so intensely satisfying that I've done it once and I never do it again'. You got to do it every morning when you wake up. So I think in that sense graduating from the film to the series, it didn't feel like pressure. It felt like responsibility and it was not honestly, an overwhelming responsibility. It was even the kind of responsibility that you want because when do you grow otherwise?"

    The Humble Politician Nograj is streaming on Voot. Have you watched it yet?