Exclusive | Shefali Shah's Human to get a second season confirms creator Mozez Singh: 'I know everyone is wondering how'

    Exclusive | Shefali Shah's Human to get a second season confirms creator Mozez Singh: 'I know everyone is wondering how'

    Disney+Hotstar series Human which stars Shefali Shah and Kirti Kulhari in the lead has been greenlit for a second season confirms series director Mozez Singh in an exclusive interview. 

    Exclusive | Shefali Shah's Human to get a second season confirms creator Mozez Singh: 'I know everyone is wondering how'

    ‘Oh, my god’, ‘riveting’, ‘gripping’, ‘I can’t believe what’s happening’, ‘You’re shocking us’ are just some of the many reactions that Human co-creator and writer Mozez Singh has been getting ever since the Shehfali Shah, Vishal Jethwa and Kirti Kulhari led web series hit Disney+ Hotstsar last week.

    Based on the unethical human trials that many pharma companies conduct manipulating the flexible laws to make big buck, the web series pack a lot more in each episode that you could possibly have guessed watching the trailer for Human. Talking to us the series director Mozez Singh speaks about the many surprises that the show packs and especially the LGBTQ narrative that the show takes.

    Mozez opened up about what his aim was with telling a story like Human which is full of secrets and focuses on a rather dark side of the medical profession. “For me the most interesting content is that which really surprises you. I am always really turned on by content like that,” he begins by saying.

    “So all our three primary characters which is Shefali Kirti and Vishal, all their tracks are revelatory in the sense, as in they keep unpeeling revealing a new layer about them as you keeping going with the story. It was consciously written with that intention and I think we have achieved what we set out to do because it all ties up really well in the end. A nd even though there’s a lot going on in the show it never really baffles you, it surprises you, there’s a difference,” Mozez added.

    A staunch supporter of the LGBTQ rights and community, the filmmaker says that with the show he wanted to normalize the whole experience. “Because everyone makes too much about it and that is the whole thing about the whole LGBTQ that people treat it like the other. But it’s a very natural part of human nature, some people are born straight, some people are not right? We are discovering so much about human nature, you know what I mean?” he sets out by asking.

    The show has Kirti Kulhari playing a Dr. Saira Sabarwal, lesbian woman who has her whole life tangled up due to not being about speak the truth about her sexuality. “So I wanted to be able to tell a story where a woman who has made a very difficult choice to not come out, because that is something that is very prevalent in the LGBTQ world because of the norms that heterosexuality has made. I wanted to be able to tell a story about how she’s completely destroying her own life, her relationship with her parents, and her relationship with the guy she’s married to because she’s lying to herself all the time and how difficult that is and how your making a mess of your life and how you’re choosing to lie. The whole point of her entire story is to be able to tell the truth so you can live freely. But to be able to get to that point of truth is always a journey and that’s the thing that we wanted to show,” Mozez explains talking about Kirti’s complex character.

    Shefali Shah plays Dr. Gauri Nath in the show, who on the surface looks like an idealistic doctor but has rather deep, dark and ambitious motives and is ruthless about getting what she wants. While the norm would be to have a man play a role so unrelenting Mozez says that is was a conscious decision to tell Human from a female point of view, showing women in all the shades possible.

    “Yes, it was a decision to turn these two characters (Shefali and Kirti’s) into women and to be able to tell the story from their gaze,” he says.

    “We were very sure about not being apologetic about the people that we are creating. This is who she is, driven by an insane amount of grief which has turned her into this crazy person and she is going to do whatever it takes to get past it. If it means she losses all sense of compassion and empathy for everybody else because she is so torn apart by her own grief then so be it. We are not going to do it in small measure and we are not going to be apologetic,” the show creator added.

    The reacting to Human have been mostly positive with Kirti, Sheafali and Vishal performances getting appreciated. While the first season ends on a rather bleak note, we ask Mozez if after an ending like this one, there’s a second season of the series to look forward to.

    “Yes, there is a second season that is going to be happening for Human. I know everyone is wondering how because everybody dies mostly in the end. I can’t tell you what or why we are doing, but we are doing something very interesting. There is second season already in discussion and it is going to happen,” he signs off by sharing.

    Updated: January 20, 2022 07:05 AM IST