Is Warner Bros developing a new Harry Potter series for HBO Max?

    Is Warner Bros developing a new Harry Potter series for HBO Max?

    According to a new report, there is a good chance that the studio may be planning to create a brand new live-action Harry Potter spinoff series for HBO Max.


    The recent announcement that Warner Bros. will not be moving forward with the Fantastic Beasts movies left many fans of the wizarding world were felt wondering about the future of the franchise.

    While the Fantastic Beats franchise had a good start it two sequels were not well received by fans, and need up underperforming at the box office.

    But it seems, there might be some good news for fans in the form of a new live-action series for HBO Max . In a recent interview, Variety asked the streaming service's Head of Originals, Sarah Aubrey, whether the recent online rumblings about a new series were true.

    While she did say nothing is "active development," it does seem that they are working on a few ideas.

    "There’s nothing like a ‘ Harry Potter ’ fan, in terms of their endless appetite for storytelling and new ways of interacting with these characters," Aubrey started. "So whether it’s the reunion or live events or games, we’re very much in the business of creating new content for those fans and thinking what to do next."

    "We don’t have a series in active development right now. But we are very much in that business because fans are just clamoring for more storytelling.”

    So while there doesnt seem to be a show in the early stages of devolvement, Sarah Aubrey's answers do suggest that we can expect to hear something in the near future.

    After all, there are plenty of stories that could be told set in the Wizarding World, focusing on anything from the history of Hogwarts, the Ministry of Magic, or even an origin story for the dark lord, the possibilities are endless.

    The success of the first Fantastic Beasts movie also proves that a new spinoff does need "Harry Potter" in the title to peak interest among fans.

    Fans will have to wait a while till we hear more about what the studio has planned for the future of the franchise but nonetheless, it will be exciting to see what comes next.