‘Kangana Ranaut will have a biased opinion’: Season 1’s Zeeshan Khan has this advice for Lock Upp 2 contestants

    Zeeshan Khan’s review of Kangana Ranaut as Lock Upp’s queen will leave you shocked


    Bollywood actress and filmmaker Kangana Ranaut decided to add yet another feather to her cap last year. She turned into a host for the first ever season of Lock Upp , a prison themed reality show where celebrities were locked together as prisoners for controversial crimes they committed. The show garnered a huge fan following and viewership, while Kangana received love for her badass attitude and conduct as the jail’s queen. Well, latest buzz suggested that the actress will return to her throne for season 2 this month. However, an ex prisoner feels that contestants in Lock Upp 2 should not take Kangana seriously.

    We are talking about television actor, Bigg Boss OTT contestant and Lock Upp season 1 prisoner Zeeshan Khan , who was a wild card entrant on Kangana’s show. In a recent chat with News 18, he stated, “My advice to the future contestant would be, be who you are. It is a jail-themed show. Our so-called ‘queen’ of the show (Kangana Ranaut) has absolutely no understanding of what happens inside. She will have a biased opinion. You stay strong on your grounds. Trust me, do not take the queen’s advice ever, ever.”

    Zeeshan further shared, “Nobody should take Kangana very seriously.” However, he went on to add that he is not bitter towards her and bears no ill will either. For the uninitiated, the actor was shown the doors in a surprise elimination after he assaulted fellow prisoner and beauty blogger Azma Fallah. Interestingly, Lock Upp season 1 winner Munawar Faruqui had a very different opinion of the host. In an interview post the show, the comedian admitted that they have different personalities, but shared that he was glad he worked with Kangana.

    As a member of the audience who witnessed Kangana’s debut as host, do you think she was biased?