Ms. Marvel Trailer - The MCU gets a new super hero as we get our first look at Ms. Marvel in action

    Marvel finally released the first trailer and first poster for the upcoming series Ms Marvel

    Ms. Marvel Trailer - The MCU gets a new super hero as we get our first look at Ms. Marvel in action

    Next in Marvel 's line-up of superhero shows after Moon Knight is the series Ms. Marvel, the first teaser trailer for which has been released now. 

    The show which will stream on Disney + in June will be the MCU debut of Kamala Khan aka Ms.Marvel played by Iman Vellani . The trailer shows Kamala, a high schooler, who dreams of being an Avenger like her hero Captain Marvel and spends her time daydreaming which lands often lands her in trouble.

    The trailer also shows how Kamala Khan gets her powers by acquiring a pair of bracelets called the Nega Bracelets. The Nega Bracelets are ancient Kree artifacts that give its user superpowers like super speed, strength, and in Kamala Khan's case the ability to shapeshift as well.

    It is not revealed how she comes into possession of the bracelets or who will be serving as the main antagonist of the show but the vigilante Red Dagger is confirmed to appear in the show.

    There are also rumor's that Captain Marvel could have a cameo in the show and with Ms. Marvel said to have a prominent role in the upcoming Captain Marvel sequel The Marvels . The two could end up having a mentor-mentee relationship similar to Iron Man and Spider-Man .

    The addition of the character of Kamran played by actor Rish Shah is interesting as in the comics Kamran was once a friend of Ms. Marvel with superpowers but then betrays her and reveals himself to be a villain.

    While Kamran may not be the main villain of the show his presence may set up his character arc for future seasons

    Bisha K. Ali will be serving as the showrunner and will consist of six episodes. The cast of the show includes Iman Vellani, Aramis Knight, Saagar Shaikh, Rish Shah, Zenobia Shroff, Mohan Kapur, and Matt Lintz.