R Madhavan on Decoupled: ‘I've never said okay to any script in such a short time’

    R Madhavan on Decoupled: ‘I've never said okay to any script in such a short time’

    R Madhavan is all set to shine on-screen once again in his upcoming series Decoupled, co-starring Surveen Chawla.

    R Madhavan on Decoupled: ‘I've never said okay to any script in such a short time’

    Actor R Madhavan says he does not know how to react, except feel grateful and blessed, for all the attention that comes his way for his romantic hero image. Madhavan, the star of Tamil romantic hit Minnale and its Hindi remake Rehnaa Hai Terre Dil Mein , Tanu Weds Manu, Alaipayuthey and Dum Dum Dum, said he finds it tough to believe that people still adore him as a romantic hero. "I'm going to be 52 and more grey. It almost looks funny, I don't know how else to react to it when I see a mother and daughter both react the same way to me. I am just very grateful and I am blessed," the actor told PTI.

    Madhavan will next be seen in the web series Decoupled with Surveen Chawla. Billed as a comedy about separation, the show revolves around a couple on the verge of a divorce. In the series, created by Manu Joseph and directed by Hardik Mehta, Madhavan plays the role of Arya, a pulp fiction writer. The actor shared it was the fastest 'yes' he has ever said to a project as he was looking for something light-hearted during the pandemic. "After the COVID-19 time, I didn't want to do anything morbid, I wanted to do something light, funny and humorous. Also, this was in English and I was very curious to see how they would write a script in English, and I had not read much in English in India. So, when Manu sent the script to me, it was hilarious and I've never said okay to any script in such a short time. I wanted to get on to it as soon as possible, he added.

    The show, the actor said, is about "decoupling", but they are not sermonizing it at all. "I just want people to enjoy the show... You draw from it what you want to, but the primary intent of the show is to entertain and make you laugh and see a funnier side of relationships,” he said.

    Madhavan has been one actor from South, who has worked through different languages and mediums successfully, something that he said happened without any plan. The actor said he feels fortunate to be working with some of the best people in the industry. "It's been a very blessed journey for me, I've had the fortune of working with some of the best in the industries and icons, which I don't think anybody can plan. No producers can plan that for their son and I don't have anybody in the industry, but I think I was fortunate enough to get an audience and actually get to work with the likes of them."

    He, however, had to struggle to find stories that transcended the language barriers. "At the same time, it's a struggle sometimes when you want to cross industries and tell a story that is relevant to one, but totally irrelevant to another one. So that has been my struggle."

    As an artist, Madhavan said he wants to be part of stories that have a long shelf life. "For me, the story always matters and my role doesn't matter enough. I had to be part of stories that could live for a long, long time, and could be relevant to the society and to the world that I was living in," he added.

    The next on the actor's plate is biographical drama Rocketry : The Nambi Effect, which also marks his directorial debut. Donning the hat of a director, producer, writer and an actor wasn't easy but Madhavan said he is drawn to real stories. "Real-life stories are so motivational and are so spectacular that if you're able to capture the world in which that story happens, you'll see the sure grit of Indians. I'm very keen on exploring stories that not just Indians have done, but Indians abroad have managed to do," he said.

    Decoupled, produced by Bombay Fables, Andolan Films, is set to premiere on December 17 on Netflix .